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The Space You Crave

OurCave is furniture for every adventure! We make everyone in your family smile with the joy of being entertained and organized for every adventure. Our sturdy, customizable fixtures originally designed for use in sporting goods stores have become furniture for your garage.


No damage to your walls! You can even create walls to divide spaces and move them around easily.


Select Bays to store all your stuff, whether you’ve got snowboards or sewing machines, bikes or rakes.

Easy Assembly

Bays arrive flat-packed and assemble without any tools for the fastest and simplest assembly ever.


Take your bays wherever you may move, because these babies pack up and go! It’s like furniture for your garage.


Strong enough for a retail store, our powdercoated steel construction handles daily use and lasts for decades.


Thoughtfully designed to look good in your space, Your Cave might become the nicest room in your home!


Create Your Cave by customizing the arrangement of Bays that works best for you!

Sports & Play

Tired of tripping over skateboards & basketballs in the garage & yard? The Sports and Play Bay keeps your sports storage organized & tidy, giving each piece of equipment its own place so you can find what you need easily. Our garage sports organizer offers ball rack, bat rack, scooter rack, basketball holder, skateboard rack / skateboard stand, helmet rack, home gym equipment & garage shoe storage options in 1 sturdy unit.

Winter Sports

The heavy duty Winter Sports Bay protects your gear from damage and stores it safely and securely off the ground, for a tidy & organized garage space. Our premium garage ski rack wall storage gives each piece of equipment its own place, so you can find what you need quickly & easily. Designed to fit together seamlessly with no tools required, our ski storage rack for garage includes simple instructions for easy assembly.


The smart, durable & ultra sturdy choice for your garage’s TV. Our Entertainment Bay is built to support your electronics with spacious shelves & unique lipped shelving to hold your DVDs & games securely in place. This freestanding entertainment center with TV mount is easy to move so you don’t need to install it permanently in one spot. Makes the perfect Xbox stand, gaming station and home storage and organization center for media!


Customize your garage work bench to your individual needs – and make easy adjustments when those needs change. We’ve designed our work bench for garage to be fully adjustable, freestanding & transportable. Includes a handy magnetic tool bar & rubber-dipped, double-prong tool hangers, all in a sleek charcoal shade for a streamlined, understated look. Adding lighting to the back panel is a cinch!


Using a garden tool organizer without the right spacing is frustrating – tools become crowded & tough to remove, or won’t fit at all. We’ve designed the yardwork bay to be fully adjustable, allowing you to customize & space out hangers as widely as you need, for hassle-free storage. And while other kits can take hours or even days to put together, our kit fits together securely like pieces of a simple puzzle – no tools needed! Includes diagram instructions to make assembly fast & easy.

Office & Craft

COMING SOON The ideal garage home office or crafting & hobby work station! Our work & drawing desk provides plenty of space for laptop work, studying, crafting, sewing & art projects, with customizable shelving that provides ample storage for office supplies & craft organization and storage. Unlike other workspaces that take up the whole room, our streamlined design fits flush against your wall to save space. The perfect study table for students, utility table, sewing cabinet & crafting table!


The ideal heavy duty garage organizer for all your home organization and storage needs! Keep your belongings organized with our fully customizable Shelving Bay, which features adjustable garage storage racks and shelving and the option to add cubbies! Our streamlined charcoal black shelves are ideal garage wall organizer for storing tools, garage accessories, sewing & crafting supplies, toys and heavy items like books, sports equipment & garage storage bins.

Small Parts

Organize all those small items you can never find a place for in the garage – once & for all! With its customizable design, you can TAILOR & ADJUST our cube storage organizer to your family’s needs. This 6 cube organizer includes 4 heavy duty garage shelves, materials for optional cube storage shelves, and 3 durable plastic small parts organization bins. Our freestanding, self-supported cubby storage organizer also gives you the option to not drill into your garage wall!


While other vertical bike rack models are too narrow to hold multiple bikes without scratching & scuffing, our wall bike rack provides bike holder hooks for 4 bikes – even wider models like kids’ bikes & most 26-inch, 27-inch & 29-inch mountain, BMX, or road bikes. Features fully adjustable bike storage rack hooks you can position at any height!

Bike Lifter

OurCave’s Bike Lifter is a game changer, constructed of ultra strong, corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel that comfortably supports 3 bikes ­– up to 44 pounds total. Our patented bike mount design provides vertical bike rack storage that allows you to bring your bikes down using only one hand. Easy for kids to use, too!

Cobra Stand

Our Cobra Bike Stand is made of ultra strong powder-coated steel for secure, zero tip storage. the Cobra is easy to put together & requires no tools for assembly! Unlike many garage hooks & stands that don’t accommodate wider bikes, the Cobra is built to hold most 26-inch, 27-inch & 29-inch mountain, BMX & road bikes.

Grand Stand

Sturdy, secure, simple storage for your bike – no more tipping & falling over onto the floor! Typical bike stands are often unstable & made of cheap materials that don’t hold your bike upright. OurCave’s Grand Stand is the ultimate sturdy bike stand, constructed of ultra strong powder-coated steel for secure, zero tip storage.

Um, no… you don’t get the TV. The equipment & props shown in displays are not included.

Sports Wall

Grab your stuff and go play with the OurCave Sports Wall.  Sports Wall Sports Equipment Organizer w/ Ball Holder, Skateboard Wall Mount, Golf Bag Stand – Adjustable & Easy to Assemble. Ski Rack & Snowboard Wall Mount, Paddle Board Hanger, Snow Skis & Cross Country Skis. Bike Rack w/ Helmet, Bag & Bike Hooks

Workbench Wall

Get to work fast when your tools and supplies are organized and ready to work as hard as you do. Heavy Duty Shelving Units and Storage Solutions for Sports Equipment, Toys, Office Supplies & Crafts. Storage Cube Organizer, Small Storage Containers, Organizer Bins & Drawers. Work Bench w/ Woodworking Tools Storage & Hardware Organizer

Storage Wall

A place for everything and everything in its place! Organizer & Utility Shelf for Yard Tools & Gardening Tools – Adjustable, Easy Assembly for Tools, Shovels, Brooms. Heavy Duty Shelving Units and Storage Solutions for Sports Equipment, Toys, Office Supplies & Crafts. Cube Organizers w/ Small Containers, Bins & Drawers for Small Parts

Hobby & Craft Wall

COMING SOON Combine the Entertainment, Hobby & Craft, and Small Parts Storage Bays to create this Hobby & Craft OurCave wall. TV Entertainment & Media Center for Home Entertainment System, DVD & Video Game Storage, Writing and Craft Desk, Work Desk or Study Table, Small Storage Bins, Drawers for Toys, Crafts & Small Parts


Online Space Planner

Use the interactive OurCave Builder to custom design the space you crave. Lay out your exact room dimensions with exterior and interior walls and door and window openings. (Hint: upload your blueprints to draw your Cave quickly.) Furnish your Cave one or more single OurCave Bays and bicycle stands, or instantly add a multi-bay wall. Finally, take a 3D walk around your very own Cave!


1 Will My Cave fit My space?

Absolutely! Our Cave Builder ensures that your bays fit your space and your storage needs. Give it a try!

2 does it attach to the wall?

Nope. OurCave Bays are freestanding so they won’t damage your walls, and you can move them easily any time. And while they’re sturdy enough to be used in retail store displays without tipping over, all OurCave Bays come with an anti-tip wall anchor kit designed to prevent large pieces of furniture from tipping. This is ideal for earthquake-prone areas or families with small kids.

3 Can you really store all my stuff?

Sure can! Our families have as much junk stuff as anyone, so we’ve made the perfect space for every sport, hobby, tool, and whatchamacallit! If there’s something you have that we don’t store, we need to hear about it!

For Retailers

New Revenue Stream We have created an entirely new furniture category. “Furniture for your garage” is new solution for a widespread storage and organization problem every consumer struggles with as they pack their garages a growing collection of sporting goods, gear and tools. This is a new revenue stream for this fast-growing sector in home improvements.

Scalable Sales Opportunity Our easy-to-scale modular system appeals to every customer. From 3-car garages to small apartment spaces, consumers can design the perfect Cave for their unique space and storage needs. Portable bays go with them if they move, and bays can be added or adapted as their needs change – like adding Kids Play or swapping Tools for Crafts.

Partners in Sales & Service Because we’ve created our own Caves using our own products, our program is well thought out and easy to use. Our proprietary online Cave Builder ensures consumers that their kits will fit both their space and their needs. Kits can be drop-shipped directly to the consumer or delivered by a furniture store staff, and are easily assembled without any tools.

About OurCave


OurCave is about creating a new space for the family to send time together,” said Randal, “and part of our vision is to give 50% of our surplus profits to help families around the world be better families.” It’s a plan that spins as smartly as a bicycle wheel – our family helping your family helping other families.

OurCave is a family brand that makes consumers of all ages smile with the joy of being entertained and organized for immediate adventure.


Good Design

Brothers, business partners, and avid bicyclists, Randal and Justin Huntington were bothered by how hard it was to display bikes and gear in pro shops. The entrepreneurs put their background in design and passion for the adventure industry to work and invented store fixtures that soon became a game-changer in the world of retail design. They also created the world’s first interactive online store design tool to give retailers of all sizes the opportunity to design and build stores with incredible speed and flexibility. Today, the patented, award-winning displays of Project Duo can be found in stores around the world, like Cannondale, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Performance Bike, GameStop, Think Geek, and Foot Locker.

The heartbeat of their success is the brother’s commitment to work hard and play hard combined with ingenuity, innovation, collaboration, integrity, fairness, and service. Their design process begins with a simple question: “Why?” Randal explains, “If that means we need to fly to Italy to understand how to design the perfect feel for an Italian restaurant in Denver, that’s what we do.”

They didn’t have to travel very far to find the next problem that needed solving. It was right in their own back yard.

Good Grief!

Randal and his family had relocated to Denver to expand US the company’s operations (and maybe take advantage of powder days and epic bike trails), but their standard American two-car garage was getting smaller each sporting season.

See, a life of adventure comes with a lot of stuff. Bikes, helmets, gear, and tools shared space with Randal’s medals from the Australian and Canadian Mountain Bike Championships and the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup (and don’t forget his wife Sarsha’s BMX and mountain bike trophies).

Bikes, climbing gear, camping equipment, and hiking poles went into storage when it was time for snowboards and skis, gloves, coats, more helmets, and even more gear to take center stage. Garden tools and lawn equipment were stacked behind plastic tubs of kid’s toys.

It was time to take their work home.


Using their proprietary online 3D planner, they designed a configuration to fit their space. Custom options were developed like a power strip for a video game center, task lighting for a workbench, magnetic strips for tool storage, and custom shelving and brackets to accommodate every sport, tool, and hobby. Their garage was soon outfitted with the same fixtures retailers had come to rely on for functional display, effective storage, and convenient accessibility. The modular storage units were shipped to their home in flat boxes and were easily assembled without tools. The freestanding shelving didn’t damage walls and can be rearranged as needs change or relocated if the family moves.

They soon realized that their family was using the garage more than ever. While Randal tinkered with the bikes, Sarsha would come out to the garage to do yoga or crafts at the desk, and their young son joined them with his Lego box and his imagination. The garage became not just a place to store equipment and toys, but a creative space to build, work, and play as a family. “It was the cheapest house extension money can buy,” Randal recalls. “It quickly became Our Cave.

When neighbors kept asking where they could get this “garage furniture” for their own homes, and attendees at trade shows kept saying, “This bike lifter sure would be great in my apartment,” Our Cave was born.

The “Why?” is easy: so your family can grab your stuff and go. You’ll spend more time playing together and less time looking for gear. You won’t be tempted to go out unequipped because you can’t find those goggles or that helmet you know you already have. Your investment in sporting goods, hobbies, and tools is protected from damage caused by improper storage. And when you hear the dreaded words “I’m bored!’, an adventure is right at hand.


Good Works

Hailing from Australia, Randal and Justin spent their childhood in Papua, New Guinea, with their missionary parents, where they developed a love for travel (39 countries and counting!) and a life-long commitment to serving underprivileged communities locally and abroad.

OurCave will donate 50% of surplus profits to charities that directly benefit families around the world.

They’ve also recently launched a program called Design for Good that seeks to improve the lives of underserved communities through donated design and planning services. Justin says, “We don’t want to just design a better wheel chair or build a better well or shelter. We want to offer a comprehensive solution that will also help with manufacturing and delivery.” The Design for Good team organizes, finances, and drives “design emergency room sessions” that tackle design problems and prepares the solution for manufacturing and shipping. The company aims to have four-plus events this year.

We believe in doing corporate good.

“We have a limited time here on earth, so don’t waste it reading more of this. Go change the world and live a life filled with more love, bigger hopes and dreams – and do it all with passion.”

Randal Huntington

Contact OurCave

How can we help you create the space you crave? Interested consumers and retailers, please contact us for more information.

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